Friday, August 14, 2009

Let's Make Me Not Afraid Anymore

I had this friend who was so scared of ladybugs for some reason. To cure him of this debilitating psycological problem, he found some doctors who put him in a room full of ladybugs to show him that ladybugs were actually friendly and not that bad. Science, guys. I thought I'd like to try this treatment for myself but I couldn't find any licensed physician who would put me in a room with possums or lightning or Michael Douglas. But one thing I can subject myself to is talk show interviews. Man, nothing gets me more uncomfortable than watching interviews with people I admire. I just want them to do well! You know, no awkwardness, no tv fakeness, no anything that would make me uncomfortable watching. So let's take a look at some some interviews with athletes to make me feel better. I need to know that these things can go okay. Let's fix me!

Well, you know, not great, but I'm doing okay. Maybe somebody get me a paper bag to breathe into or something, no biggie.

Oh that is not how either of them wanted that to go! I shouldn't be able to see my heart beating, right? Oh man, this collar is so tight. Really hot in here! Why aren't you guys sweating? I'm doing okay. I'm doing okay. I'm doing okay. Another...

So dizzy...

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