Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No, YOU'RE Overreacting!

There aren't many things I hate (as if!) but one thing I definitely hate is acoustic covers of rap songs.

Listen, I know there are times when you and your girlfriends are just having a chill night in, watching a movie, no big deal, but then the movie ends and you're talking about boys and you're a little tipsy but "whatever, I'm just going to call Johnathan and tell him how I feel" and he doesn't recognize your number or your voice and you hear some other girl trying to lure him away from the phone with her skanky hips and you hang up and you're bummed and you need something to sing along to - something that's a little sad and a little funny and a little ironic so you put on Nina Gordon doing "Straight Outta Compton" and you sing along and you laugh because you've got great friends and you're LOVING LIFE.

But understand that there will come a day when you realize your error in song choice and you will look up and shout, "Save us Ben! Save us from our terrible taste in music!" and I'll whisper "no."

Just kidding, who cares what you listen to! But I do have a problem with acoustic rap covers. When you take a song like a "Whatever You Like" and perform it like this, you are not saying, "This is a great song and I want to put my own spin on it." You're saying, "See how much better this song is when it's whispered with an acoustic guitar? See how I turned this song you are scared of into something you can handle? I'm so clever! Also, I just said the n word hahaha."

It's just so obnoxious and arrogant to think you're making a song better by removing all the attitude and identity of the song and making those things the punchline ("It's funny because I'm a white girl and I'm talking about popping bottles!") or replacing those things with "meaning." Make something that's meaningful on its own merit, guys!

So here is my plea: if you're going to do a cover of a rap song, don't try to be cute and make it sad. Have some fun! Scream, "I HAVE A STAND-UP BASS AND I WANT TO PARTY" and bust a move forever and ever.

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  1. Word.

    Also, you're not doing anything clever if you're covering rappers who have a sing-song flow in the first place. These songs already have melodies and don't need your re-interpretation.

    Way to blog, Rosen.